Hiring process – How to make it more secure

Hiring process

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Hiring process – How to make it more secure

Hiring process

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Slow time to hire impact directly in the quality of talent in 2022

Hiring process has been always a relationship building process, as all good strategies takes time, time to plan, time to implement, test, pivot or persevere and finally succeed.

Organizations try to build their best employer branding based in a solid employee value proposition putting in place a great candidate journey taking care of every touchpoint, starting with search – contact  , pre – screening, screening, set of interviews, hiring, onboarding and last but not least retention.

Evidently the process takes time, in some cases too much time that can cost money to your company, according to a research, the average time to open a position is 44 days , for each day without filling that position organizations lose productivity.In addition other positions need to put in time and effort to that task (the unfulfilled position) and their engagement suffers as the burnout risk increases.

As days goes by candidates in 2022 are only 10 days in the market  and a outrageous 60% of candidates report withdrawing from a process that takes too long to be completed.Once they are gone these candidates with a poor candidate journey are unlikely to apply.

3 ways to reduce time to hire

1.Improving applying time 

Speed of application process heavily affects the quality of applicants and potential candidates that apply for a position within your company.

Job seekers’ polls had shown that they are willing to spend less than 10 minutes on a job application, and only 30 percent are willing to invest more than 20 minutes, the vast majority prefer to invest between 10 to 15 minutes on the initial application especially when they are applying from a mobile device.

Optimize your career and application pages to mobile devices and test speed in different Operative systems, devices and browsers in order to display right information.

2.Improve communication

It is very convenient to communicate with potential candidates all along the process.

The candidate journey is very important to define every step of the process, your company image its at stake and you need to put all your attention in details in order to build a great impression as a company, your employer branding and a positive experience with all your candidates speaks louder than a thousand words.

Since the very beginning with the first screening setup by your talent acquisition team, your company needs to show a real interest in putting all the cards on the table.

The very first thing they need to communicate is:

  • How long the process is going to take
  • How many interviews they are going to make
  • If there are some psychometric test to apply
  • If there is some case studio or business case to be applied
  • With whom the candidate will be in touch for example hiring manager – teammates

Following up and giving updates even when they are via email it’s the right way to establish a proper channel with your potential candidates.

Employer branding its the image of your company you need to consider even when a candidate didn’t get the job providing feedback and letting them know they didn’t get the job and why.

Some companies just cut the communication and leave candidates wondering what had happened in their process, this give a bad impression and hit directly your employer branding.


Recruiting funnel


3.Provide value upfront

Many candidates or jobseekers no longer want a job simply to pay their bills, they are looking for a company that helps them learn and grow personally and professionally.

One of the best practices in these categories is to invest in their development upfront,  skilling , up-skilling and re- skilling are the best approaches to get engaged with your employees. Top performers feel appreciated when your company provides a clear path and clear progression metrics in goal setting.

In a report key findings from  World economic Forum  named The future of jobs 2020 they mention that growth in many areas of technology coming from cloud computing, data science, big data and e-commerce is necessary to invest in new skills to thrive in the work environment.


Emptor bring confidence to hire with background checks and identity validation

Through performing proper due diligence. All new hires should undergo a background check prior to any official hiring in order to protect the company from harm. Emptor can provide companies with fast and reliable background checks so that you can rest assured that you are hiring the correct people for open positions.

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