Screening questions-top 7 recruiters need to ask

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Screening questions-top 7 recruiters need to ask

Employer value proposition

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In order to attract and retain top talent in 2022, recruiters and talent acquisition recruiters need to put in place strategies that can be replicated to achieve their goals and fill their open positions.

In a sense putting in place a checklist with screening questions can bring you a set of steps in order to follow your own process to measure what matters in every step of the candidate journey in order to strengthen your employer branding and get some promoters along the way.

A very important step is to gather the right information with the right screening questions, in this blogpost we share some of the most important questions to keep in mind to do that, keep reading.

1.How come you become attracted to these specific position?

This question lets you know if the applicant can describe in detail and with enthusiasm why he/she applies for the role, what are the main reasons on why the job position is a fit for their expertise, qualifications and why he/she feel compelled to apply to these specific company.

2.Can you confirm with specific details which requirements you meet for the role?

This question gives a key insight into whether the applicant has required core competencies, hard skills, soft skills and communication qualities required for that specific position. 

3.Do you prefer working on site , a hybrid environment or  remote only?

Many companies are looking to go back to onsite model but trend tend to be to work only remote in many job positions, in order to establish a good hire you need to set a preferred working contract to be able to know if that position require meeting with teammates, facing clientes or attend to office meetings.

In some departments like sales for example, it is very important to be face to face and have meetings with clients in meeting rooms onsite so, it would be a good plan to establish rules that set in this case hybrid environment, when sales have meeting with client their schedule can be onsite 2 or 3 days and the other weekdays remotely.

 4.Are you anticipating working in the same time zone all year?

Remote first companies in 2022 need to understand that not all employees stay in their same exact time zones.

Since 2020 with remote jobs companies allow work remotely forced by the COVID19 lockdowns but these practices stay and each day many more remote workers take some time to travel and work from different time zones.

Having this in mind it is very important to set up a time zone with your employees and availability in order to set objectives, milestones and track goals.

5.Are you available to work set hours?

Most recruiters assume that all candidates can work 9am to 5pm but it is very important that they confirm they are able to work in a timezone in which most workers overlap hours to be available.Working asynchronus is also very important to establish collaboration meetings and concentration time.

Knowing when someone is available is very important to trace milestones ,deadlines, particular objectives, and specific goals but also let your team make important decisions to meet expectations.


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6.With what kind of communication cadence are you comfortable with ?

While discussing a job opening .It is always wise for talent acquisition managers to be clear about this or at least have a general idea of communication cadence and regular meetings.

Depending on workload and specific needs, some employers need to have a 9 am to 5pm workday in its entirety. Some others are more concerned with objectives and goal setting very focused on deliverables and meeting deadlines in order to allow the candidate to organize he’s / her time.

It is very important for your team to set meetings along weekdays to report according.

7.Describe one of the most important challenges you had to face in past positions and how you face it?

When describing one of the most important challenge often candidates can sound exciting /driven / intrigued pay attention to their answer and how they present  according to their experience a solution.

Innovation and disruption can be a great solution but both come from enthusiastic candidates who are willing to put in the hours and effort aligned with your company.


Screening questions are just the beginning to interview in depth to a candidate here are some examples, by category:

Flexibility and adaptability:

  • Tell me about the most important change situations you have faced. How did you manage?
  • What change has been the most difficult for you to make?
  • Tell me about a situation in which you had to take charge of tasks that were not your immediate responsibility and how you approached it

Conflict resolution:

  • Give me an example of a time when you disagreed with your boss or with your teammates and how you handled that situation
  • Tell us about a situation where the conflict led to a negative outcome. How did you handle the situation and what did you learn from it?


  • Tell me about an example in which you have taken the initiative in a difficult project
  • What decisions do you delegate to your team or not?
  • Describe a situation in which you assumed the role of leader. What challenges did you face and how did you tackle them?

Initiative and proactivity:

  • What short-term goals do you have and what are you doing to achieve them?
  • Tell me about a situation in which you think you were successful.
  • Give me an example of an improvement idea that you have proposed to your supervisor in the last six months. How did you take it? How did you implement it? What results did you achieve?

Emptor helps you in screening stage

Every step of the process matter from screening questions to to deliver a great strategy to hire and retain top talent, but it is important to stand out that all new hires should undergo a background check prior to any official hiring in order to protect the company from harm, through performing proper due diligence.

Emptor can provide companies with fast and reliable background checks so that you can rest assured that you are hiring the correct people for open positions, feel free to book a free demo by clicking on the image.



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