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DiDi app

Case Study

How ride-hailing giant, DiDi, earned passenger confidence using Emptor’s technology

Discover how DiDi was able to onboard a high volume of drivers while maintaining superior standards of safety

Kavak Autos

Case Study

Kavak achieves high velocity hiring amidst explosive growth

Discover how Kavak integrated Emptor into its seamless application flow to keep up with its explosive growth

Emptor Hiring industry Report 2021


Hiring at Scale: A Report on the Background Check Process in Mexico

Discover the intricacies of Mexico’s Estudio Socioeconómico, and Emptor’s role in modernizing how companies can scale and onboard candidates


Emptor Mexico Safety Report

Take a deep dive into the world of Mexican identity verification and learn how Emptor is working to create a safer hiring environment in the region