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Emptor provides quick and reliable identity verification and background checks with our automated platform

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Every day, thousands of companies
interact with complete strangers

We will make sure you’re collaborating with people you can trust

Hire safely

Identity verification: Implement background checks for fraud prevention and quick onboarding of personnel

Score risk accurately

People intelligence: Detailed labor and professional history reports for digital profiling and financial risk modeling

Stay compliant

KYC/AML: Access international sanctions lists to stay on top of global regulatory ecosystem

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Increase Efficiency

with a unified platform

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legal specialists and engineers​

Complex country regulations?
We got you covered

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Leading across the Americas with the widest reach in the region

Built by global engineers and lawyers
to help you grow efficiently

Scale Scale safely
Gain access to hundreds of databases and search systems integrated with mirrored public sources
Launch Launch seamlessly
Be up and running within two weeks with help from our team
Quick Get quick responses
Expect an answer delivered in 15 seconds or less
Reviews Receive detailed reviews
Sophisticated filters and validation systems for deeper analytics and reporting
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Prevent fraud and onboard people at scale

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